Latin avant-folk project Cime, based out of southern California, is as much the last name of Monty Cime, an enigmatic Honduran trans woman, as it is a musical framework which has been scaffolded before her very own eyes.

Her debut album, The Independence of Central America Remains an Unfinished Experiment, released on July 1st, 2022 to an emphatically warm reception from those who were paying attention. Since then, she's kept busy playing shows, releasing merchandise, doing features and interviews, organizing collaborative releases (such as Trans Folk: A Four-Way Split) and, most importantly, writing new material--all for this to come to a head on August 18th, 2023 with the release of her follow-up EP, Laurels of the End of History.

Alongside this, with an ever-growing & revolving roster of musicians, many of whom come from other local DIY bands (Clay Birds, Crackwhores, etc.), and performances with upwards of eight musicians all on stage--their diverse musical backgrounds blending to create a sound unlike anything else--Cime, while still decidedly a solo project by nature, has now taken on an additional identity as a live spectacle. To this end, Monty would release "By the Bunches (Banana Dictatorships) [Live in Santa Ana]" on September 22nd ahead of her upcoming live album, Frida and the Filibusters Bid Farewell and Fall Asunder, which comes out December 1st.

As the formerly rickety scaffolding which defined early Cime has since proven itself solid enough to support a newly-erected building, the future for Monty looks bright. With a monumental EP, an exciting live album, and ever-increasing live show quality and attendance, who knows what Cime--the person and the mentality--has in store next?

Emma Schlossman Photo w/(from left to right) Yui Dennis (trumpet in frame), Rowan Collins (guitar in frame), Anderson Myers, Monty Cime, Yaretzi, Joe Joseph K. From 03/02/24 @ Thrillhouse Records (San Francisco, CA)


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The Cime Interdisciplinary Music Ensemble Album Cover

Melissa Reyes Photo w/Monty Cime. From 02/17/24 (Perris, CA)

Angie Katz Photo w/(from left to right) Rowan Collins, Yui Dennis, Monty Cime, Joe Joseph K. From 03/02/24 @ Thrillhouse Records (San Francisco, CA)

Ella O'Ciegg Photos collaged together w/(from left to right) Yui Dennis, Austin Jenkins, Monty Cime, Anderson Myers, Joe Joseph K, Yaretzi ___. From 3/15/24 @ The Ruins (Winchester, CA).

Goose Valencia Photo. w/(left to right) Sean Hoss, Riley, Monty Cime, Marlin Bradley. From 12/09/23 @ Aron's House (Aliso Viejo, CA).

Instagram @keysiepie Photo w/(from left to right) Yui Dennis, Sean Hoss, Monty Cime, Rowan Collins, Joe Joseph K. From 02/17/24 @ Perris, CA.

Emma Schlossman Photo w/(from left to right) Rowan Collins, Monty Cime, Yui Dennis, Joe Joseph K. 03/01/24 @ Oakland Secret (Oakland, CA).

Caroline Romero Photo w/(from left to right) Sean Hoss, Joe Joseph K, Monty Cime, Rowan Collins, Jay Ingram. From 02/17/24 @ Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Video interviews, live sets, and show clips

Album release show performed on August 18th, 2023 in Santa Ana, CA at the FTG Warehouse. Live band features Rowan Collins, Ian Dennis, Sean Hoss, Jay Ingram, Diego Gonzalez, & Aron Farkas. Video taken by thndrbltbuddha.

Performed on June 2, 2023 in Aliso Viejo, CA. Premiered June 10th as a part of Skyline Tapes' digital music festival, Skylive 2023. Live band features Diego Gonzalez, Aron Farkas, Rowan Collins, & Jack von Bloeker V.

Interview with Vancouver-based LGBT radio show Gender Queeries, aired on co-op radio station CFRO-FM on August 26, 2022.

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You can also contact Cime's management for booking or other inquiries at or call/text (preferably text) (714)-204-6314.